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Information published on this website, including in its aspect and characteristics are not contractual.
This information is by no means an assertion or a commitment on the part of DRIVE95 toward any product or service. Thus, DRIVE95 disclaims all responsability :
Express or implied regarding its completeness, accuracy or fitness for a particular purpose. DRIVE95.fr did its utmost to make sure that the information available on this website is accurate. Nevertheless, we can, by no means guarantee that this information is correct, complete and up to date. DRIVE95 cannot give any guarantee, express or implied regarding the entirety or part of its website. By no means can DRIVE95 be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage deriving from the use of the website. Hyperlinks leading to other websites and networks do not make DRIVE95 or its hoster responsible for the contents put forward by such websites.
Concerning the contents of websites linked to DRIVE95.fr.
As to the relevance of the information provided and how an internet user is likely to use it.
For all interruption of the website, bugs, inaccuracy or omissions as far as the information available on the website is concerned. For all damage caused by a fraudulent intrusion by a third party leading to a modification of the information available on the website, and more generally, all damage, direct or indirect, regardless of the causes, origin, nature or consequences, including costs caused by the acquisition of goods proposed on the website, the loss of profit, the loss of clientele, the loss of data or the loss of any other immaterial goods caused by anyone’s acces to the website or the impossibility to acces it or the reliance on good faith.

2. Modifications
DRIVE95 reserves the right to modify or to correct all of the content of its website at any time and without prior notice.

3. Contact and reservation forms
The information collected through a contact form is comply with the Data Protection Act. We inform you that your answers are only optional and that the absence of answer has no consequences at all. Nonetheless, in some cases, your answers need to be plenty enough to allows us to reply and/or to process your application.
The general terms of sale and cancellation in relation with an online reservation or an online reservation request are precisely indicated in the forms. The user has the possibility to ask for a copy of the general terms of sale before any purchase.

4. Intellectual and industrial rights
DRIVE95.fr and its copyright are protected by the French Intellectual Property Code, Book I, Title I and II in its legislative part. As a consequence, any use of the products, including the entirety or part of the website DRIVE95.fr can only be achieved with a written authorization. According to the rules of common law, the company DRIVE95 will be able to bring their visitors contractual liability into play as well as to take any action in unfair or parasitic competition against those who do not comply with the provisions concerned. The user cannot divulge one of the products including all or part of the website DRIVE95.fr to third parties, even if they are legally separate, against payment or free of charge, or directly by communicating the original data, or indirectly using combined form of the data. The user cannot modify, reproduce or adapt any product including all or part of the website DRIVE95.fr and the data it contains (including pictures). The user cannot copy, by any means, download, commercialize, resell, distribute, broadcast, publish and/or perform an automated download of any data available or hosted on DRIVE95.fr. The misappropriation of rights to broadcast will be punished according to the regulatory and legislative measures on copyright and producer’s rights as stipulated by the French Intellectual Property Code.

5. Counterfeit
Any reproduction, representation or use, even partial, using any process whatsoever, carried out without a written consent from DRIVE95.fr is prohibited and illegal. Not respecting this prohibition constitutes counterfeiting which may result in the civil or penal responsability of the counterfeiter. Also, owners of counterfeit content, of any kind, are entitled to take legal action against counterfeiters. This measures also applies to casual visitors.

6. Disputes
The present conditions and the relationship between DRIVE95.fr and the users will be subject to the French law and any disagreement which cannot be resolved by mutual agreement shall be brought before the courts with jurisdiction in PONTOISE.

7. Right of access to the information
According to the Data Protection Act n° 78-17 of January 6th 1978, this website has been declared to the CNIL.
According to the article 34 of the Data Protection Act, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete your personnal data. To be able to do so, simply send us an e-mail to : contact@drive95.fr

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